Sutton is still looking at “Chelsea” winning the Premier League title

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Chris Sutton still believes that his former agency Chelsea. Will be able to win the Premier League this season,

Chelsea won only 2 of the last 5 games in the Premier League. Defeat against West Ham United last Saturday night causing them to drop to the third brace of the table.

Thomas Tuchel’s team were beaten by Manchester City and Liverpool The two reigning champion teams in the last two seasons. Scored up to the top and second in the crowd respectively,

however, Sutton still sees Chelsea as champions this season. “I chose Chelsea to be champions in the end. Stumbling right here Defeated at West Ham Always Burnley at home That doesn’t make me change my mind

. and give Romele Lukakufit returns to score like he did at the start of the season.”

It is the first time since the start of October that Chelsea are not at the top of the Premier League. But Sutton views this on the positive side. “When Blackburn Rovers win the Premier League 1994-95 season, we feel the coming of chasing after Manchester United, but fortunately we won and tolerance,”

“Sometimes it is the chase. It’s better than being fired. Chelsea have to look at it that way now but they need to be decisive. Now they are stumbled too much and City will probably take this phase away,” he said.