‘Salah’ admits having some selfishness, but the relationship with ‘Mane’

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Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah Raise your hand to admit, sometimes you have to play with selfishness. But his relationship with Sadio Mane has always been good, with

both wingers scoring 20 goals in the Premier League this season. Ready to lead the team to second place on the table, one point behind Manchester City.

If you still remember the incident that was mentioned the most was when “Salah” refused to pass the ball until Mane Out of anger during the game against Burnley in 2019

, the Egyptian national team star. Talking about the relationship between the two “We are teammates on the pitch and in the dressing room as well. We have a very professional relationship. We all give our all to help the team win.

” Sometimes we compete to show who is the best. And it’s common for all teams. and is the legitimate right of every player but in the end We play for the team.”

“Maybe we have a bit of selfishness in playing sometimes. But no one takes their own interests over the team.”

“Whether from me or him. It didn’t have any intentions. Perhaps there was some tension in some matches. And now everyone is trying to work together.”

“This is the first time someone has talked to me about this. Acting like I wouldn’t pass the ball to him. Or he doesn’t give me the ball every time.