Rangnick, the first beer coach to debut, wins the Premier League

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Ralph Rangnick manager of Manchester United’s football in Germany, the first to debut the team won the first match in the Premier League.

Rangnick aged 63, signed for his team, “The Red Devils” temporarily until the end of this season And he led his players to his debut on Sunday night in a 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace,

making him the first German manager to win three points in his first game.

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game. Manchester United had around 61 per cent of the ball last night and had 16 shots more than Palace.

Another interesting statistic is this game man. United have won the ball in the last area of ​​the top 12 times, the most they’ve done in a Premier League game this season. More than every match at least 5 times or more.

Rangnick spoke of the team’s play plan. “For me it makes sense not to change a lot from the win over Arsenal [under Michael Carrick],” he said. 

That is, we have enough room for our full-backs to fill up in front and ask for the ball on the edge of the line. With Jadon and Bruno playing at number 10, that’s why I chose to play 4-2-2-2. “The

most expected position in the system is number 1 and I think Bru . Noh and Jadon did well in that position. Both defensive games were good.”

“Of course it’s about keeping our opponents away from our door. keeping them under constant pressure. Chasing the ball and stealing the ball We try to adjust the system a bit. but only a little,” he said. According to a report from ufabet.