“Rafa” has a fan of Everton backing the team even stronger than before.

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Rafa Benitez, Everton manager Seeing the support of football fans is an important factor that makes their team stronger than ever.

“Toffee” of the Spanish coach. Just picked up the first win in nine games with a home win over Arsenal 2-1 in stoppage time. Made them move up to 12th in the table already.

“It was really clear when the fans, players and everyone together we were stronger than ever,” Benitez told  Sky Sports after the game

. Got shot at the end of the first half We can still score goals back. Players and fans are already expecting each other. Everyone is satisfied and hopes this is the right move for us.”

“Regarding VAR, I don’t know if the line can get any thicker? It doesn’t suit us at all. I’ve been told that we were close to winning a number of times. Today is another example. It doesn’t matter to you, but our character today and the fans who support us. They would be very happy with it.”

“Followers expect commitment. You can talk about mistakes and conceding goals because we make mistakes against good teams. But in terms of commitment the players are always there and the fans are satisfied with

that. we will make it It may take time but we can do it. Everyone has hope now.”According to a report from ufabet.