Pep confirms De Bruyne the real Leipzig don’t care about form

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has confirmed Kevin De Bruyne will start against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Tuesday.

According to Play. The maker has nothing to prove himself. Despite the drop in playing standards this season,

De Bruyne has only returned to play as a substitute against Watford last weekend. 

After being ill with COVID-19 Has not started since the game against Manchester United on 6 November.

In addition, in terms of performance, De Bruyne seems to have dropped down as well. 

He hasn’t provided a single Premier League assist this season. And Pep insists he still believes in the quality of the superstar.

“Kevin’s condition is getting better and better. Then bad luck came back again. as everyone knows People who have recovered from COVID feel empty. It has to be gradual. slowly come back to play and tomorrow He will be a starter,” said Pep.

“Kevin has been playing since the start of the season. Immediately after returning from the Euro and last season So the physical condition is not perfect. before being hit by covids again”

“We got him back. are fighting for a real position like everyone else He didn’t have to show me anything anymore. Just to show that he can come back and be himself is enough. Do what he has done in the last five years, he is very necessary for the team, Bernardo, Gundogan know that, you have to be good for 90 minutes.