JK not worried about new contract, ‘Salah’ confirms Milan need rotation

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists he is not worried about the situation of a new contract. Mohamed Salah says everything will take time. and all parties have clearly expressed their needs

Now Salah ‘s promise Only 18 months left And negotiations for a new contract are ongoing. by the Egyptian national team superstar has already come out to say clearly that He wants to continue playing in the Premier League. It is now up to the club how to deal with his situation,

as Klopp said last week: There has been no further movement on the Egyptian star’s contract. Amid the speculation that Barcelona boss Xavi would like the star to join the team,

Klopp recently had the opportunity to discuss the matter again at the Press Conference before his clash with AC Milan at United. FA Champions League on Tuesday, with the referee insisting that he is not worried. I’m sure everything will be fine.

“We are talking Renewing contracts for players like Mo is not something to do for fun. We are working on an agreement,” Klopp said.

“This is very normal. nothing more to say Mo himself spoke when asked about this. I can only say a few things. For the rest, it is not intended for the public, “

” Mo Okay, well, I’m OK, well, what we all want is clear. Something like this takes time. That’s

all. The game against Milan needed to rotate the team to get some rest. Due to the fact that the team is in a busy program, they have to play 5 matches in 15 days.