Dalot Zuhok ‘Fred’ endured the scolding well.

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Diogo Dalot, the versatile full-back at Manchester United, has hailed Fred ‘s strong mentality.

Who has always been at the bottom for fans and media attacks. 

Before proving his worth from the recent work and insisting.

The Red Devils need a star player like the Brazilian national team. who has always given full dedication to the club

Since joining the Red Devils in 2018, Fred has been marginalized and regularly scolded by fans and critics. As a result, the real position he received It’s always been a question of whether it’s a good fit or not,

however, the 28-year-old star is now starting to show supporters more of his worth. from the outstanding form of play in the latter

“He must be at a disadvantage. everyone blames him but he never cared Keep your head down and do your own work in the field. Every game he gave his best to the best of his ability. And that’s what this club is,” Dalot said.

“Even if you lose the ball or miss a shot. You always keep trying You fight and never give up for the team. And that’s what we need. This kind of player is what we need.”