“Cassa” reveals “Ronaldo” sent a message after telling him to leave Messi

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Former Real Madrid striker Antonio Cassano has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo sent a message saying: After commenting that Lionel Messi is unmatched,

Cassano remarked in October that Ronaldo was not in the top five of the best players. In

recent history, the former Italy international has revealed that Ronaldo sent him a text message after making the comments. And confirmed that what he says is the truth,

“Christine R. Ono wrote to me via WhatsApp, let me respect him a little bit behind the success of many, all the goals he scored. including the things he represents,” he told BoboTV.

“I’m not afraid to tell the truth. I will face the whole world From the Pope to the last man on the planet, I told Cristiano Ronaldo that it was not an insult. I said there was only one Ronaldo and that was ‘O Fenomeno’ and Messi was much better than him. That’s not an insult.”

“I really mean it. It is true that Messi is much better than him and there is only one Ronaldo

. He confirmed that a number of officers to the Public Relations Department (of Juventus), and he then passed on to Cristiano Correia “

” He sent me that. ‘I have a lot of money. I’ve scored more than 750 goals, but you’ve only scored 150 over the course of my career,’ I’m just saying what’s on my mind. It’s my personal opinion.”

“I started to think why someone would have to do something like that, Cristiano Ronaldo has it all. He should lead a quiet and relaxed life instead of listening to what people have to say about him. He should do like Lionel Messi, who is someone who doesn’t care how the world sees him.