Frequent dizziness “Check it out. What is it from?”

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Frequent dizziness “Check it out. What is it from?”

Interesting facts:

  • Dizziness can be divided into 2 types, caused by everyday life. and causes caused by abnormalities within the body
  • Dizziness caused by everyday life It’s something you can observe yourself. and can adjust their lifestyle to see the results of dizziness
  • Whether or not dizziness is dangerous to your health depends on the underlying cause, such as ischemic stroke. hypoglycemia anemia or severe iron deficiency Frequent dizziness body dehydration, etc.
  • If you are unsure of the symptoms of dizziness that occur frequently and do not know why You can have a health check to UFABET determine the cause initially.

dizziness or dizziness

It can describ as a variety of feelings, such as dizziness, vertigo. Or things around are swaying around in a mess Ringing in the ears to the feeling of lightness until fainting And it’s difficult to explain individual dizziness. Since there many causes of dizziness. It cannot clearly identified from observation. Therefore, it must diagnose by a doctor. Causes of dizziness can divid into 2 types. Which cause by everyday life. and causes caused by internal abnormalities

Caused by daily use

  • dehydrated body

Being dehydrated or not drinking enough water can cause your body Frequent dizziness to overheat your body. and resulting in a small amount of fluid within the blood system will result in blood viscosity It produces high blood pressure and causes dizziness.

  • iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can cause anemia. which causes the body to have red blood cells that look incomplete or have insufficient amounts for the body therefore unable to efficiently transport oxygen And may be caused by eating foods that lack iron components.

  • low blood sugar

can cause dizziness to the point of fainting It can be caused by too much fasting. (or fasting the wrong way for those who eat IF and Prolonged Fasting) or not eating on time hormonal imbalance drinking alcohol, etc.

  • motion sickness

Being in a vehicle, such as a car, plane, or boat, can disrupt the structure of the inner ear, causing dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

  • hangover

After a wild party Large amounts of alcohol are Frequent dizzinessconverted into waste products that are excreted through the urine and accumulated in the body. Which affects symptoms of dehydration and the functioning of various hormones thus causing dizziness

  • not enough rest

Because the brain lacks rest, it cannot function fully. As a result, it affects the stress hormone ( Cortisol ), causing mood swings easily. Stress, migraines, dizziness, eye socket pain

  • heavy eye work

Focusing your eyes for a long time can cause eye strain, eye pain, and dizziness.

  • quick change of posture

such as sudden sitting or standing up will cause severe changes in blood pressure It is common in the elderly.