“Coffee” Osteoporosis?

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Have you noticed that after drinking coffee you will feel pain in urination? That’s because of the effects of caffeine.

Issues that used to be drunk on social media and is still widespread on a regular basis is the rumor. That Drinking coffee causes the body to reduce calcium absorption. As a result, osteoporosis occurs.

Caffeine is a substance that can be found in food and beverages such as tea, energy drinks. When the body has been exposed to caffeine. going to increase the chemicals in the brain helps the body to wake up fight fatigue For this reason, many So people turn to coffee. To be an aid in the work of the new morning But for some people who drink the same amount of coffee. But his body didn’t respond. or less responsive

Pharmacy Informatics Service Cooperation Network  Payom Wongphuwarak, Prince of  Songkla University Explaining this in an easy-to-understand way concludes that may reduce calcium absorption, but not as much as 2-3 mg per cup. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Calcium is absorbed well in an acidic environment, therefore.  Drugs that alkalize the intestines, such as antacids, acid suppressants such as cimetidine, ranitidine, famotidine and omeprazole. separately to reduce calcium absorption

As for coffee, some studies have found an increase in urinary calcium excretion up to 3 hours after drinking coffee.

However, the loss of calcium in the body from coffee drinking results in elderly people who have inadequate calcium intake. But for young people getting enough calcium is not very effective.

“But… you shouldn’t drink more than 3-4 glasses a day!”