Choosing to buy cosmetics. 

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Choosing to buy cosmetics Distributors with reliable sources. It is another thing that should not be overlooked. You should purchase products that clearly have the name and location of the manufacturer or importer on the label. Because if the cosmetics you purchase have problems or are not up to standard knowledge. You can still contact and demand the responsible person.

There are no prohibited substances as ingredients.

Some chemicals used as ingredients can be harmful to health. Some consumers may have allergies, hair loss  , or symptoms of asthma. and may be at risk of cancer The FDA has announced a list of prohibited substances that are not allowed to be used as ingredients in cosmetics, namely mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, and retinoic acid. UFABET 

However, the FDA cosmetics secretary only explains the details of ingredients in cosmetics. Some consumers may therefore have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in cosmetics. Additionally, there is a possibility that manufacturers will secretly add prohibited substances later. Therefore, for the safety of using the product, consumers should use the set. Cosmetic testing (Test Kit-Cosmetic) from the Department of Medical Sciences To check whether the cosmetics purchased are contaminated with harmful substances or not. Or you can easily test for allergies before using it yourself by applying a small amount to your arm and leaving it for 1-2 days. If no abnormalities occur, it means you can use that product. But if used, abnormal symptoms occur. You should stop using it immediately.