5 herbs to comfortably deal with menopause.

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Testosterone decreases during menopause. It occurs when androgen hormones gradually decrease. The onset of this condition varies from person to person. It depends on how well health care is provided. On average, it begins at around 48-52 years of age. How to deal with menopause? Related to the practice of anti-aging medicine To promote long life and happiness as well as achieving a balanced body system With guidelines for maintaining health and not aging quickly with the following herbs

1. Cordyceps

Maintaining hormonal balance and maintaining the integrity of the body During menopause it is important. Cordyceps helps reduce hot flashes. fatigue and symptoms of weakness which is a common symptom during this period It helps restore the balance of important elements within the body, such as yin and yang, promoting overall health and increasing vitality. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

2. Black galangal

scientific research About the biological and pharmacological properties of black galangal or black ginger that support its sexual enhancement properties. It was found that ethanol extracts from rhizomes Helps improve the sexual behavior of laboratory animals And affects the reproductive organs. In conclusion, black ginger is very popular. As a natural medicine to enhance sexual performance

3. Ginseng

Current information suggests that ginseng Helps relieve symptoms related to cancer. neurological disorders Improves sexual performance Reduce the risk of sudden hearing loss. It can also manage diabetes.

4. Rangchud

Substances inside the trumpet Helps stimulate appetite It also relieves diarrhea. caused by food poisoning It also helps protect liver and kidney cells. from the toxicity of chemicals Helps treat colds and fight blood infections. Provides resistance and eliminates certain types of germs. It reduces blood pressure and normalizes the heart rate.

5. Pega

Peca helps in neutralizing free radicals within the body. thus delaying cell damage. It also helps delay signs of aging. It plays an important role in maintaining and maintaining eye health. Reduce the risk of cancer Promote digestion And helps in blood circulation, detoxification and relieves stomach discomfort.