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Monthly Archives: January 2024

6 healthy diet foods Full stomach and heart full

For people who want to be healthy And want to maintain a good figure, not to get fat, we recommend good food that will fill your stomach, but does not make you fat easily. Most importantly, easy to find, inexpensive, let’s take a look at the advice from

Causes of snoring and treatment methods

Why do we snore? Let’s see the causes of snoring, because snoring is not a sign of deep sleep. Many people tend to think that snoring loudly is a comfortable, deep sleep, but in fact, snoring is a signal that the body does not get enough rest

Breathing Techniques Every Beginner Running Should Know

Proper breathing techniques while running It’s something new runners should learn. and practiced from the beginning when I started to learn to run because it will allow us to run faster and run longer as well There are 2 types of breathing Normally, when running for a while our breathing rhythm will adjust

foods that increase acne can be avoided urgently

Checklist of foods that increase acne can be avoided urgently Many young women probably know that “acne” can be caused by many factors such as stress, hormones, air pollution. or even food that increases acne which this bad pimple It’s something that disturbs the facial skin. It can make you feel